Angular2 UrlResolver for Component Assets

Thoughtram published a piece about Component Relative Paths in Angular2. This is great! It makes working with components much easier.

However, I wasn’t sure about other component-specific assets, like images for example. So I asked about it:

There is a solution, it turns out. There may be some better options in the future, but you can use the UrlResolver object to do this.

You can inject the resolver object into your component and then create a resolvePath function that can be used by the view.

import {Component} from '@angular/core';
import {UrlResolver} from '@angular/compiler';

    selector: 'title-page',
    styleUrls: ['title-page.component.css'],
    templateUrl: 'title-page.component.html'
export class TitlePageComponent {

    constructor(private urlResolver: UrlResolver) {

    public resolvePath(path) {
        return this.urlResolver.resolve(, path);

In the view, just bind an image element to the resolvePath function.

<img [src]="resolvePath('angular.svg')" />

As the Thoughtram article mentioned, this solution is tied to using the CommonJS format for modules. In other words, the property I’m using here as an input into the UrlResolver object would not exist for other formats.

Updated Mar-19-2017

This technique is now obsolete.